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Hello All,

It's been a while since we have mad an update.  The cultural center is almost done. We are at about 60% of where we need to be.  We are now hosting classes for youth of all ages.  We are also able to receive volunteers.  So far we have received volunteers from Spain, Morocco, Uruguay, Italy, and Argentina.  Please continue to share, and support. We are doing great things and we need your help to do even greater things.


We are on the last leg of construction before we can start fully functioning.  There are a few things that we need before we get to that point so we are doing another round of crowd funding.  Please check out our campaign on Go Fund me.

 We can do this.  https://www.gofundme.com/morrodesaopaulo


We finally have an official fiscal sponsor.  We have partnered up with the Enlightened Warriors a licensed 501(c)(3) that can now accept contributions, and in-kind donations on our behalf.  So now your contributions are tax-deductible.  

Make sure you stop by there sitre and show them some love.


Great news everyone:
We have made great progress this past summer.  We now have an amazing team of individuals in the village of Morro de São Paulo on the island of Tinharé.  We have gotten so much done that we were donated a plot of land to build the center and we are doing in.    Check the new video that is on the home page and see what going on.  Let us know what you think and as always thanks for the continued support.

The center is currently running at about 60% of what is needed, but we are active.  We are welcoming volunteers from all over the world to come and help us.  Please feel free to contact us, and donate if you can.


Once again thank you all for your continued support.


For More info: [email protected]