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With faith as our shield, 
And love as our might. 

  Please check out our new campaign. We are on the last leg of the building process.  Share with your friends and family. we can do this.  https://www.gofundme.com/morrodesaopaulo 


  As with most organizations that are getting started, community support is crucial. Since we are in the midst of applying for registered non-profit status, we rely solely on private donations. 

Your contributions are very important.

    Funds donated help with travel for staff members, field trips, food, uniforms, instruments, art supplies, and general maintenance of the facilities. All donations are appreciated and your word of mouth and referrals are gratefully welcomed.Your continued support is needed.


Donations thus far: (2010-present)
$3000: Travel between US and Brazil
$200: t-shirts and uniforms
$500 (approx): food and housing
$2425 raised through fundrboogie.com crowd funding site that went into buying music production equipment for the music program.

We have been gifted a plot of land on Morro de Sao Paulo and we are almost finished with construction.

We will need further funding when the building is fully completed. The approximated cost could be anywhere from $300.00-$500.00 per month depending on the facilities. 
The ultimate goal is to have a facility that will function all year where children from all over can come and spend time with other children in a safe, positive environment.

If you would like to volunteer you can go through the following site:
You can find us under Guerreiros da Luz and register as a volunteer.
You can also find us listed withVolunteer south America


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